Jammikunta Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State

Jammikunta Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
2014 Karimnagar District in Telangana State 

Jammikunta Pingili Sampath MPTC BC 9866598040
Jammikunta Chukka Ranjith MPTC BC 9000132655
Jammikunta Deshini Sadanandam MPTC BC 9866635102
Jammikunta Ravula Radha MPTC BC 9959035383
Jammikunta Bongoni Sangeetha MPTC BC 9989912939
Jammikunta Mogilipaka Kavitha MPTC BC 8978774986
Jammikunta Ingle Krishnaveni MPTC BC 9676748606
Jammikunta Gone Githa MPTC BC 9849106956
Jammikunta Vemula Jalapathi MPTC BC 8958556162
Jammikunta Bakkathatla Rajakumari MPTC BC 9676614689
Jammikunta Murahari Saraswathi MPTC BC 9949438025
Jammikunta Chandupatla Swathi MPTC OC 9441122718
Jammikunta Katanguri Ramswaran Reddy MPTC OC 9989966766
Jammikunta Ramidi Veerareddy MPTC OC 9391977988
Jammikunta Sampelli Bhimrao MPTC OC 9866031829
Jammikunta Pulluri Swapna MPTC SC 9949191274
Jammikunta Chilumala Vasantha MPTC SC 9849954656
Jammikunta Gudepu Padma MPTC SC 9849836299
Jammikunta Parlapally Bikshapathi MPTC SC 9959035070
Jammikunta Gudem Odelu MPTC SC 9989167340
Jammikunta Molguri Srinu MPTC SC 8978774966
Jammikunta Gangarapu Latha MPTC SC 9989469403
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