Narsampet Mandal Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Narsampet Mandal Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List 
2014 Warangal District in Telangana State

Bhanjipet B.Lalitha Sarpanch 9440579994
Bhanjipet G.Rajendar Upa-Sarpanch 9951894244
Bhanjipet A.Dasru Ward member 9603715791
Bhanjipet A.Salamma Ward member 9912707546
Bhanjipet A.Sammakka Ward member 9014086154
Bhanjipet A.Suraiah Ward member 9912592375
Bhanjipet B.Jayamma Ward member 9505123815
Bhanjipet D.Rama Ward member 9908000619
Bhanjipet K.Ramesh Ward member 9705641164
Bhanjipet P.Rajanna Ward member 9704420609
Bhanjipet U.Aruna Ward member 8880277250
Chandrapaiahpally B Sambakka Sarpanch 9848657094
Chandrapaiahpally B Bakkaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9581372212
Chandrapaiahpally A Kotaiah Ward member 9652297414
Chandrapaiahpally A Shyamalamma Ward member 9505812858
Chandrapaiahpally B Ailaiah Ward member 9959669288
Chandrapaiahpally B Anitha Ward member 9705117369
Chandrapaiahpally B Anitha Ward member 9550431352
Chandrapaiahpally B Rama Ward member 9642481176
Chandrapaiahpally S Manjula Ward member 8500583726
Chandrapaiahpally U Raju Ward member 9666784593
Chandrapaiahpally V Balu Ward member 8179709854
Dasaripalle V.Ushasri Sarpanch 7660017211
Dasaripalle M.Rajendar Upa-Sarpanch 9948559713
Dasaripalle B.Yuvaraj Ward member 9704987196
Dasaripalle D.Chandana Ward member 9705141100
Dasaripalle K.Raju Ward member 8374617206
Dasaripalle M.Buchamma Ward member 9666213063
Dasaripalle P.Komala Ward member 9542014207
Dasaripalle P.Srinu Ward member 9704862649
Dasaripalle S.Ganapathi Reddy Ward member 9948733843
Dasaripalle T.Manemma Ward member 9505812499
Dasaripalle V.Bhulaxmi Ward member 9603715090
Itikalpalle S Kommalu Sarpanch 9441142405
Itikalpalle M Raju Upa-Sarpanch 7702838820
Itikalpalle B darji Ward member 9177886723
Itikalpalle D.Laxmi Ward member 9908144902
Itikalpalle D thirupathi Ward member 8978172429
Itikalpalle E Ramesh Ward member 9949001528
Itikalpalle G Padma Ward member 9908717698
Itikalpalle J Ravi Ward member 9866898876
Itikalpalle K Mallaiah Ward member 9705309435
Itikalpalle K pramila Ward member 8179283522
Itikalpalle P Shankar Ward member 9908717698
Itikalpalle R Padma Ward member 8008820144
Itikalpalle S Rajitha Ward member 8897935114
Kammepally R.Vijaya Sarpanch 9912534985
Kammepally K.Srinivas reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9848761101
Kammepally A.Lalitha Ward member 9951443458
Kammepally A.Ramadevi Ward member 9951932622
Kammepally CH.Ramanachari Ward member 9505399530
Kammepally J.Suraya Ward member 9949274187
Kammepally K.Baskar reddy Ward member 9666686166
Kammepally M Mareeya Ward member 9912548842
Kammepally P.Bukshapathi Ward member 9705079250
Kammepally P.Rajamma Ward member 9951671344
Kammepally T.Malamma Ward member 9704294634
Laknepalle K.Kavitha Sarpanch 9989853240
Laknepalle B.Narsimharamulu Upa-Sarpanch 9160688646
Laknepalle A.Rajendar Ward member 9652767186
Laknepalle G.Ashok Ward member 9652199523
Laknepalle J.Anitha Ward member 9985241999
Laknepalle J.Vimala Ward member 9849438924
Laknepalle M.Mahendar Ward member 9573814853
Laknepalle M.Narsamma Ward member 9966005356
Laknepalle M.Raju Ward member 9666640797
Laknepalle P.Sujatha Ward member 8187010966
Laknepalle R.Suraiah Ward member 9441413016
Laknepalle S.Padma Ward member 8179205712
Laknepalle T.Rama Ward member 7893025858
Madannapeta A kumara swamy Sarpanch 9848843208
Madannapeta M Kumaraswamy Upa-Sarpanch 9652655500
Madannapeta A Bakkamallu Ward member 8499987273
Madannapeta A Komuramma Ward member 9492783317
Madannapeta D Raju Ward member 9912185510
Madannapeta D Saraiah Ward member 9618124392
Madannapeta G Sammakka Ward member 8187043775
Madannapeta K Meghana Ward member 9542404079
Madannapeta P Ramesh Ward member 9948150683
Madannapeta P Swarupa Ward member 8008349755
Madannapeta S Rama Ward member 9640746170
Maheswaram A.Sudhakar Lal Sarpanch 9553565913
Maheswaram Ch.Varalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9849516078
Maheswaram A.Srinu Ward member 9505395645
Maheswaram D.Kiran Ward member 9963592202
Maheswaram E.Srinivas Ward member 9553881200
Maheswaram G.Jardhu Ward member 9848840435
Maheswaram G.Uma Ward member 9701527070
Maheswaram K.Manjula Ward member 9848726909
Maheswaram M.Chandramouli Ward member 8008973278
Maheswaram P.Lalitha Ward member 9440776739
Maheswaram P.Radha Ward member 9550030867
Maheswaram R.Lalitha Ward member 9959669493
Maheswaram V.Samba Reddy Ward member 9603607508
Muthojipeta M Mahender Sarpanch 9951779795
Muthojipeta K Nagamma Upa-Sarpanch 9963560025
Muthojipeta B Gandhi Ward member 9989584462
Muthojipeta B Maibu Ward member 9966383334
Muthojipeta B Somla Ward member 9441549602
Muthojipeta B Taramma Ward member 9963459826
Muthojipeta D Kumaraswamy Ward member 9440522520
Muthojipeta G Narsamma Ward member 9010790316
Muthojipeta K Vijender Reddy Ward member 9948961926
Muthojipeta M Sulochana Ward member 8184969589
Muthojipeta P Ellamma Ward member 9985733047
Muthojipeta V Anitha Ward member 9949554791
Muthojipeta V Naveen Ward member 9490592798
Nagurlapalle G Thirupathi Reddy Sarpanch 9291540558
Nagurlapalle B Veeranna Upa-Sarpanch 9951850068
Nagurlapalle B.Laxmi Ward member 9505076838
Nagurlapalle B.Parwathi Ward member 9705099833
Nagurlapalle G.Thiurmalesh Ward member 9963907513
Nagurlapalle K.Hemalatha Ward member 9908940558
Nagurlapalle K.Rama Lal Ward member 9948050765
Nagurlapalle K.Sarojana Ward member 9502093071
Nagurlapalle M.Anil Kumar Ward member 9177995732
Nagurlapalle N.Aruna Ward member 9705088962
Nagurlapalle T.Devendar Ward member 8465887832
Rajapalle N.Bhagyamma Sarpanch 9440349802
Rajapalle P.Shyamsundar Upa-Sarpanch 8341951588
Rajapalle A.Ramesh Ward member 9010507440
Rajapalle N.Krishna Ward member 9966704238
Rajapalle P.Aruna Ward member 9948550580
Rajapalle P.Sharadha Ward member 9701630502
Rajapalle S.Prabhakar Ward member 9347552196
Rajapalle S.Pushpamma Ward member 9652880767
Rajapalle S.Sandhya Rani Ward member 9848688482
Rajupet Bhukya Darmi Sarpanch 9441639706
Rajupet Nune Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9440466062
Rajupet A.Mangamma Ward member 9505037997
Rajupet Banothu Bharathi Ward member 9704865196
Rajupet B.Badru Ward member 9948520731
Rajupet B.Laxman Ward member 9966952358
Rajupet B.Padma Ward member 9550633764
Rajupet B.Veerendra Ward member 9440328318
Rajupet D.Ailamma Ward member 8179105054
Rajupet J.Ramesh Ward member 9441677883
Rajupet T.Sridhar Ward member 9989038541
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