Chennur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Chennur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List 2014 Adilabad District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch |
 Upa-Sarpanch |
Ward member
Mobile no's
Angarajpalle Chevva Suvarna Sarpanch 9640798382
Angarajpalle Dontaravena Gattu Upa-Sarpanch 9705225967
Angarajpalle B.Ramulu Ward member 9505556412
Angarajpalle D.Chilukamma Ward member 9505556412
Angarajpalle D.Laxmi Ward member 9849458845
Angarajpalle G.Rajaposhma Ward member 9605680439
Angarajpalle P.Rajubai Ward member 9912970612
Angarajpalle P.Sammaiah Ward member 9505680439
Angarajpalle S.Laxmi Ward member 9640453432
Asnad Kolluri Buchamma Sarpanch 9989347177
Asnad Bellamkonda Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9948793587
Asnad Dada Sunitha Ward member 9951621769
Asnad Gaddam Kanthakka Ward member 9505960470
Asnad Ingili Srinivas Ward member 9912504828
Asnad Mekala Rajam Ward member 9948393170
Asnad Mukum Rajeswari Ward member 9603516080
Asnad Rapalli Sampath Ward member 9912020343
Asnad Seggem Sammaiah Ward member 9509560470
Asnad Sokula Laxmi Ward member 9912504659
Asnad Vadlakonda Sharadha Ward member 9948103021
Buddaram Janagama Rajam Sarpanch 9652620549
Buddaram Alam Shankaramma Upa-Sarpanch 9505960470
Buddaram Akkala Gattu Ward member 9505960470
Buddaram Alam Srinivas Ward member 9505960470
Buddaram Janagama Lalitha Ward member 9505960470
Buddaram Kodipe Bhulaxmi Ward member 9505960470
Buddaram Mogili Sujatha Ward member 8374405040
Buddaram Narige Sammaiah Ward member 9505960470
Buddaram Shedenka Shankar Ward member 9505960470
Chakepalle Baina Moham Sarpanch 7730007778
Chakepalle Nimmala Nagaraju Upa-Sarpanch 8978931281
Chakepalle A.Pochamma Ward member 9912659286
Chakepalle Ch.Satyanarayana Reddy Ward member 9948658296
Chakepalle K.Rajaposham Ward member 9502407440
Chakepalle M.Ramadevi Ward member 9542740200
Chakepalle N.Laxmi Ward member 9553619258
Chakepalle N.Nagaraju Ward member 8978931282
Chakepalle R.Durgakka Ward member 7730007778
Chakepalle T.Ramesh Ward member 8096097195
Chennur Krishna Sadanaboina Sarpanch 9059148313
Chennur Saddi Sunitha Upa-Sarpanch 8297246536
Chennur Akenapally madhusudhan Ward member 9849122353
Chennur Attem Rajabapu Ward member 9959281522
Chennur Bathula Sammaiah Ward member 9849304559
Chennur Boddu Gopikrishna Ward member 9573220166
Chennur Chakinarapu Aruna Ward member 8341427356
Chennur Chilumula Madhunamma Ward member 9533857120
Chennur Dharni Santhosh Ward member 9949312736
Chennur Ellaboina Ellaramma Ward member 9705344063
Chennur Gadala Salakka Ward member 9949312728
Chennur Gaddam Mallaiah Ward member 9492366343
Chennur Garrepally Venkatnarsaiah Ward member 9849671777
Chennur Kaitha Thirumala Ward member 9912590870
Chennur Kodipelli Jyothi Ward member 9866065902
Chennur Markendeya Srinivas Ward member 9949312712
Chennur Pairala Malleshwari Ward member 9848709166
Chennur Perala Arjuna Ward member 9951345433
Chennur Tanugula Saroja Ward member 9849032597
Chennur Tumma pushpa Ward member 7893691744
Chennur Vaheed Khan Ward member 8519919892
Chintalpalle Peddinti Rajanna Sarpanch 9866117259
Chintalpalle Busa Mallaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9704750671
Chintalpalle Akkem Banaiah Ward member 9705181242
Chintalpalle Arkam Madunakka Ward member 9848258124
Chintalpalle Dabbeta Manimala Ward member 9949192595
Chintalpalle Durgam Mona Ward member 9705398003
Chintalpalle Nallagunta Rajubai Ward member 9866590702
Chintalpalle Nitturi Anand Ward member 9912528631
Chintalpalle Shidenka Ramesh Ward member 9666893890
Dugnepalle Saidula Laxmi Sarpanch 8897962331
Dugnepalle Durgam Bondyalu Upa-Sarpanch 9912374216
Dugnepalle Balne Swarupa Ward member 9701034091
Dugnepalle Dabba Swarupa Ward member 9951386815
Dugnepalle Durgam Posakka Ward member 9505526349
Dugnepalle Eravoina Sammaiah Ward member 9705883979
Dugnepalle Mote Laxmi Ward member 9949811548
Dugnepalle Mote Rani Ward member 9502385582
Dugnepalle Rajanala Mallaiah Ward member 9640954903
Dugnepalle Saidula Shankar Ward member 9949882209
Dugnepalle Sundilla Sulochana Ward member 9505034119
Gangaram Dongiri mallu Sarpanch 9848705641
Gangaram Kududula Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 8008486769
Gangaram Anaparthi Mallaiah Ward member 9705544137
Gangaram Dagam Odelu Ward member 9542941574
Gangaram Durgam Rajeshwari Ward member 9951892153
Gangaram Durgam Salakka Ward member 9603708066
Gangaram Durgam Sammakka Ward member 9989852324
Gangaram Godari Madhukar Ward member 9640486784
Gangaram Jakkula Odelu Ward member 9505556412
Gangaram Kududula Raju Ward member 8978361160
Gangaram Ramtenki Posu Ward member 9505556412
Kachanpalle Narige Lingaiah Sarpanch 9912984997
Kachanpalle Ch.mohanreddy Upa-Sarpanch 9666789553
Kachanpalle Durgam Malleshwari Ward member 7702928934
Kachanpalle Durgam Ramulu Ward member 8096138581
Kachanpalle Eraka Shankaramma Ward member 9505556412
Kachanpalle Gangula Madhavi Ward member 9640568669
Kachanpalle Narige Ankamma Ward member 9705252365
Kachanpalle Narige Shankaraiah Ward member 9505556412
Kachanpalle Narige Vajramma Ward member 9542226381
Kachanpalle Salpala Ramesh Ward member 9542226381
Kachanpalle Vemula Sammakka Ward member 9948482973
Kathersala Dulam Shakuntala Sarpanch 9948469568
Kathersala Vennapureddy Soujanya Upa-Sarpanch 9951508136
Kathersala Anga Komurakka Ward member 9652225478
Kathersala Busari Lingamma Ward member 8897895009
Kathersala Chevva Sarakka Ward member 9603954030
Kathersala Gundu Kistaiah Ward member 8185966857
Kathersala Mogurla Mondi Ward member 9124186200
Kathersala Nitturi Madhunakka Ward member 9666910119
Kathersala Pottala Tara Ward member 9705375907
Kathersala Saini Swapna Ward member 9652225131
Kistampet Durgam Laxmi Sarpanch 9951984907
Kistampet Bairi Ramesh Goud Upa-Sarpanch 9491346124
Kistampet Bairi Bhumagoud Ward member 9705487477
Kistampet Bairi Rajubai Ward member 9640448530
Kistampet Banoth Kamala Ward member 9553214846
Kistampet Bathini Laxmi Ward member 9640946314
Kistampet Burra Rakesh Ward member 7702667931
Kistampet Dabbeta Posakka Ward member 9010375160
Kistampet Eladi Lachaiah Ward member 9618092350
Kistampet Galipelly Sunitha Ward member 9603779308
Kistampet Merugu Chaithanya Ward member 9603741593
Kistampet Mukalla Thirupathireddy Ward member 9603603501
Kistampet Page Sammaiah Ward member 9010754491
Kommera Mulkal Madhavi Sarpanch 8978750585
Kommera Tallapalli Santhiosh Upa-Sarpanch 8008827907
Kommera A Kistaiah Ward member 9951402458
Kommera A Sammakka Ward member 9603686180
Kommera J.Chandraiah Ward member 7893700245
Kommera J.Muthaiah Ward member 8978700585
Kommera J Saraswathi Ward member 8143901085
Kommera M Mondakka Ward member 9581425507
Kommera Tota Sayasri Ward member 8374723077
Kommera V Malleshwari Ward member 9908270519
Kommera V Rajaram Ward member 9912759684
Nagapur Bandari Lakshmakka Sarpanch 9701048639
Nagapur Dada Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9912447823
Nagapur Annala Laxmi Ward member 9950172718
Nagapur Badikela kamala Ward member 9701048639
Nagapur Birudu Rakesh Kumar Ward member 9951858776
Nagapur Bude Thirupathi Ward member 9912447823
Nagapur Ingili Kaitha Ward member 9603921619
Nagapur Manga Rajamma Ward member 9705253021
Nagapur Sagi Kishan Rao Ward member 9912155616
Pokkur Kodela Bhagyamma Sarpanch 9951826849
Pokkur Aitha Suresh Upa-Sarpanch 9951210804
Pokkur Aitipamula Mallu Ward member 9951826849
Pokkur Bogiri Rajamouoi Ward member 9705119359
Pokkur Gandam Srinivas Ward member 9951826849
Pokkur Gosika Bhudakka Ward member 9160818102
Pokkur Jadi Shankaramma Ward member 9640985474
Pokkur Jinka Sampath Ward member 9705537476
Pokkur Mukum Buchakka Ward member 9948817253
Pokkur Rallabandi Rajanna Ward member 9505200017
Pokkur Vennapureddy Vasanth Ward member 9000642569
Somanpalle Tokala Lingaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9912311927
Somanpalle Edula Krishnaveniq Ward member 9502143268
Somanpalle Korakoppula Rajalingu Ward member 9848779622
Somanpalle Polu shoba Rani Ward member 9000460443
Somanpalle Siddi Buchaiah Ward member 8978960808
Somanpalle Siddi Gattamma Ward member 9848849025
Somanpalle Tallapally Ashok Ward member 9505713202
Somanpalle Tokala Kanakalaxmi Ward member 8897974430
Somanpalle Tokala Maisaiah Ward member 9704583437
Somanpalle Tokala Swarupa Ward member 8790168283
Suddal Daineni Rambai Sarpanch 8374721488
Suddal Nikuda Narayana Upa-Sarpanch 9849442163
Suddal Ade lalitha Ward member 7036048515
Suddal Asampalli Ramesh Ward member 9848332887
Suddal Chintam Narsaiah Ward member 9000288493
Suddal Dongiri Thirupathi Ward member 8897142475
Suddal Kotari laxmi Ward member 9951868977
Suddal Mudimadigela Rajamma Ward member 9676762750
Suddal Peddala Srilatha Ward member 9848703015
Suddal Peguda Laxmi Ward member 9010811734
Suddal Tallapalli Rajagoud Ward member 8500152105
Sundersala sundilla rajamouli Sarpanch 9848342513
Sundersala gunda suvarna Upa-Sarpanch 9603166234
Sundersala Bommena Satyanarayana Ward member 9705834138
Sundersala chityala muthakka Ward member 9059142114
Sundersala chityala rajabapu Ward member 9705491147
Sundersala nagaram mounika Ward member 9951045962
Sundersala nagaram sathish Ward member 9948627673
Sundersala sodari sarakka Ward member 9059142114
Sundersala thota sammaiah Ward member 8143819407
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