Mamda Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Mamda Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List 2014 Adilabad District in Telangana State
Village Name Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
Ward member
Mobile no’s
Ananthpet M Bheemesh Sarpanch 9948594120
Ananthpet Jungala Gangadhar Ward member 9849276273
Ananthpet R Ravi Ward member 9963728101
Ananthpet S Laxmin Ward member 9848735694
Ananthpet Soppari Narsavva Ward member 9848735694
Ananthpet S Rajanna Ward member 9989547853
Ananthpet T Bheemesh Ward member 8978949230
Ananthpet Tirusulla Laxmi Ward member 9989547853
Ananthpet vacant Ward member 0
Dimmadurthi samperla sangeetha Sarpanch 9966436726
Dimmadurthi manthena sandyarani Upa-Sarpanch 9441220436
Dimmadurthi allepulaxmi Ward member 9491163396
Dimmadurthi gopulaxmi Ward member 8985207492
Dimmadurthi korukoppula rajeshwar goud Ward member 9440159718
Dimmadurthi Sammeta Ramavva Ward member 8790278038
Dimmadurthi samperla manemma Ward member 9989818075
Dimmadurthi sanka rajeshwar Ward member 9494881284
Dimmadurthi sunchu bapu linganna Ward member 9494937038
Dimmadurthi sunna rajeshwar Ward member 8790278038
Dimmadurthi surendla surender Ward member 9581838128
Gayadpalle SK Himambi Sarpanch 9492539759
Gayadpalle Pandram Jangu bai Upa-Sarpanch 9492518973
Gayadpalle Jumnak Badi Ward member 9494937125
Gayadpalle Kurma Bhim bai Ward member 9492539759
Gayadpalle Nunavath Yamuna Ward member 9912302971
Gayadpalle Rathod Kamalsingh Ward member 9492539759
Gayadpalle Rathod Mangya Ward member 9492539759
Gayadpalle Rathod Parangi Ward member 9492539759
Gayadpalle Rathod Ravi Ward member 9492539759
Gayadpalle Sidam Varmi bai Ward member 8500258534
Gayadpalle Thodasam Gangu bai Ward member 9505135210
Kamal Kot g.pushpa Sarpanch 9441862748
Kamal Kot veeradi sagar Upa-Sarpanch 9849259023
Kamal Kot bakki rajeshwar Ward member 9652333487
Kamal Kot chaliganti laxmi Ward member 9848929877
Kamal Kot chinni ram reddy Ward member 9948599798
Kamal Kot mangi muthavva Ward member 9492134438
Kamal Kot muddam ganga reddy Ward member 9490073628
Kamal Kot pallikonda chinna lingavva Ward member 9441862748
Kamal Kot p. borranna Ward member 8008137278
Kamal Kot ravula padma Ward member 9652444277
Kamal Kot sunkari sayavva Ward member 8348735694
Kishanraopet Banavath Puri bai Sarpanch 9951839351
Kishanraopet Chavan Gangamani Bai Upa-Sarpanch 9951839351
Kishanraopet Athram LaluBai Ward member 9951839351
Kishanraopet B.Boju Ward member 9951839351
Kishanraopet Jadav Suthi Bai Ward member 9493749981
Kishanraopet Rathod Bujji Bai Ward member 9951839351
Kishanraopet Sabhavath Herabai Ward member 8106748042
Kishanraopet T.Thulasiram Ward member 9951839351
Kishanraopet Vislavath Sujatha Ward member 9951792210
Koratikal ARRAM BHEEMBAI Sarpanch 8096392112
Koratikal MARA NARSA REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9985329990
Koratikal ANDHE PEDDA RAJANNA Ward member 9603386810
Koratikal ANUGANDULA BHUMAIAH Ward member 9963935179
Koratikal CHAAKALI THANDRA RAJESHWER Ward member 7799664858
Koratikal DARANGI GANGAMANI Ward member 9010454655
Koratikal DEVOLLA LINGANNA Ward member 9966764020
Koratikal GOPI CHINNA MALLAVVA Ward member 9441103342
Koratikal MEKALA INDRA Ward member 9440960367
Koratikal MOTHE LAXMI Ward member 9701197414
Koratikal MOTHE RAJESHWER Ward member 9948868649
Koratikal MUGALA RAJITHA Ward member 9912800311
Koratikal NOONELA VIJAYA LAXMI Ward member 9494313162
Mamda Thipparapu Lalitha Sarpanch 9985029090
Mamda Dasari Naveen kumar Upa-Sarpanch 8466055335
Mamda Adluri Anitha Ward member 9701481881
Mamda Banka Bheemanna Ward member 8978708509
Mamda BAnka Bhumavva Ward member 8106836628
Mamda Dasari Lxmia Ward member 8096672936
Mamda Guglavath Jamuna Ward member 8008564773
Mamda Jafarulla Khan Ward member 9985899544
Mamda Kadagonda Vimala Ward member 9640215878
Mamda Kadthala Ashok Ward member 9705161958
Mamda M.D.Lateefa shabnam Ward member 9949655757
Mamda Mood Munya Ward member 9494150408
Mamda Rathod Panchi Ward member 9989586795
Mamda Reathod Panchini Rajeshwar Ward member 9010897178
Mamda Shaik Nayeem Ward member 7702651846
Naldurthi Sattala Lasmavva Sarpanch 9505265453
Naldurthi Ajimiri Ramesh Ward member 9000983844
Naldurthi Banavath Sathi bai Ward member 9951717883
Naldurthi Gangadari Lasmavva Ward member 9963091890
Naldurthi G.Pedda Rajanna Ward member 9951333021
Naldurthi Jangili Laxmi Ward member 9908100305
Naldurthi K.Chinna Narsaiah Ward member 8897170190
Naldurthi PAdala Gangamani Ward member 8500026858
Naldurthi vacant Ward member 0
New Sangvi Danthe Sayanna Sarpanch 9849741372
New Sangvi Mettu Chinna Sarsavva Upa-Sarpanch 9849741372
New Sangvi Alakunta Ramulu Ward member 9989758763
New Sangvi Erugadindla Sayavva Ward member 9701625637
New Sangvi Kadabayena Rajeshwar Ward member 9849741372
New Sangvi K.Hari Prasad Ward member 9959868001
New Sangvi Marampally Rukma Ward member 9505899789
New Sangvi Paladugu Urmila Ward member 9493430548
New Sangvi Pallepu Laxmi Ward member 9959791146
New Sangvi Shivaratri Lasma Ward member 8978708473
New Sangvi Vanga Santhosh Ward member 9640403322
Parimandal Karkuri Bhumavva Sarpanch 9441874291
Parimandal Jangili Mallaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9959921563
Parimandal Barkunta Pushpa Ward member 9441874291
Parimandal Chavan Mangya Naik Ward member 9441874291
Parimandal Gainam Pedda Bhumanna Ward member 8331844948
Parimandal Gai Rajeshwer Ward member 9491637948
Parimandal Jadav Lalitha Ward member 9441800840
Parimandal Jadav Rukmabai Ward member 9963728634
Parimandal Jetti Mamatha Ward member 9705932375
Parimandal Pitla Susheela Ward member 9666107625
Parimandal Rathod Rukma Ward member 8331844948
Parimandal Sollu Lavanya Ward member 9705041473
Parimandal Velmala Mutyam Ward member 9912971773
Ponkal G Raju Sarpanch 9502848838
Ponkal J Rajanna Upa-Sarpanch 9550449288
Ponkal A Poshanna Ward member 9652263747
Ponkal Asifa Begam Ward member 9951829001
Ponkal B Buchavva Ward member 9177885872
Ponkal B Manjula Ward member 9550964004
Ponkal B Narayana Ward member 9492136838
Ponkal B Ramulu Ward member 9959119633
Ponkal CH Laxmi Ward member 8106559633
Ponkal I Dharmavva Ward member 9010881794
Ponkal K Adellu Ward member 9959042599
Ponkal K Radha Ward member 9849796174
Ponkal K Ravinder Reddy Ward member 8184857839
Ponkal S Lavanya Ward member 9908151070
Ponkal V Naresh Ward member 9000983814
Potharam K.Lasmavva Sarpanch 9550442662
Potharam M.Padma Upa-Sarpanch 8500995186
Potharam B.Gangaram Ward member 9701917512
Potharam B.Sayavva Ward member 9441850965
Potharam K.Rajamani Ward member 8498943432
Potharam P.Muthavva Ward member 9963756517
Potharam P.Muthavva Ward member 9963756517
Potharam R.Pedda Sayanna Ward member 9701191750
Potharam S.Chinamma Ward member 8498943432
Potharam S. Nadipi Erranna Ward member 9676327018
Potharam T.Bhumanna Ward member 8106123074
Tandra ATHRAM SITHABAI Sarpanch 9989047011
Tandra MUTA RUKMABAI Upa-Sarpanch 9989047011
Tandra JADHAV SHANTABAI Ward member 8500995697
Tandra MACHINDLA BHUDEVI Ward member 8374963059
Tandra MADAVI TURPABAI Ward member 9494518509
Tandra MERRAM JANGU Ward member 9963303522
Tandra PANDRAM ANANDRAO Ward member 9490680685
Tandra PARVATHALA BHUMANNA Ward member 9618927660
Tandra RATHOD SUSHEELA Ward member 9491459939
Tandra SAYYAD MUZAHID Ward member 9908535046
Tandra SIDAM GOVINDRAO Ward member 9989047011
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