Mandamarri Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Mandamarri Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List 2014 Adilabad District in Telangana State


Village Name Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
Ward member
Mobile no’s
Andgulapet Lingala Mallaiah Sarpanch 9491131151
Andgulapet Kasarla Laxmaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9000356062
Andgulapet Bairneni Ravi Ward member 9704606280
Andgulapet Durgam Srinivas Ward member 9849179582
Andgulapet Kalva Komuraiah Ward member 9000672344
Andgulapet Marneni Kala Ward member 9989184128
Andgulapet Namani Saraswathi Ward member 9949193419
Andgulapet ramancha Sumaltha Ward member 8179351201
Andgulapet Thokala Kavitha Ward member 9848618000
Andgulapet Uppari Poshanna Ward member 8790060085
Andgulapet Uppari renuka Ward member 9701307822
Chirrakunta D.Sanjeevarao Sarpanch 9573177990
Chirrakunta A.Sathyanarayana Upa-Sarpanch 9177796373
Chirrakunta Adapa Nagesh Ward member 9989546855
Chirrakunta D.Mallesh Ward member 9000546747
Chirrakunta Jadi Laxmi Ward member 9849972643
Chirrakunta M.Manasa Ward member 9908327631
Chirrakunta P.Mallu Ward member 9177796373
Chirrakunta Siddam Kumar Ward member 9949355187
Chirrakunta S.Rajitha Ward member 9676499879
Kyethenpalle Jadi Srinivas Sarpanch 9346312274
Kyethenpalle Chittaveni Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9848480236
Kyethenpalle Doddi Saritha Ward member 9849401037
Kyethenpalle Erram Vidya Sagar Reddy Ward member 9848144164
Kyethenpalle Gaddam Vijaya Laxmi Ward member 9000206550
Kyethenpalle Gopathi Banaiah Ward member 9573278884
Kyethenpalle Jakkaboina Majula Ward member 9908594952
Kyethenpalle Junjupalli Soundarya Ward member 9912045522
Kyethenpalle Kokula Satyanarayana Ward member 9441836811
Kyethenpalle Kola Srinivas Ward member 8522001616
Kyethenpalle Kondila Kanakamma Ward member 7702308275
Kyethenpalle Nerella Kalpana Ward member 9866289849
Kyethenpalle Pachika Laxma Reddy Ward member 9502452599
Kyethenpalle Pulipaka Shushila Ward member 9290598626
Kyethenpalle Ranga Raju Ward member 8179779595
Kyethenpalle Rasa Rajeshweri Ward member 9908304532
Kyethenpalle Saligommula Ramesh Ward member 9849272322
Kyethenpalle Sangi Vasantha Ward member 8790814666
Kyethenpalle Tharagam Govind Ward member 9959235768
Kyethenpalle Thigala Ramesh Ward member 9059062995
Kyethenpalle Uppulapu Suresh Ward member 9533306940
Mamidighat G.Laxman Sarpanch 9573235023
Mamidighat S.Harish Upa-Sarpanch 9652665256
Mamidighat D.Parvathalu Ward member 7032080170
Mamidighat G.Laxmi Ward member 9908106947
Mamidighat K.Kethamma Ward member 9701331824
Mamidighat S.Madhuker Ward member 7893734710
Mamidighat S.rajender Ward member 9849066163
Mamidighat S.Rajitha Ward member 9640568704
Mamidighat V.Durgabhavani Ward member 9573884872
Ponnaram G.Umadevi Sarpanch 9866973058
Ponnaram P Madhu Upa-Sarpanch 9652283166
Ponnaram Durgam Rajender Ward member 9963211584
Ponnaram Enagandula Raju Ward member 9948166339
Ponnaram Kotrangi Ponnam Ward member 9849954559
Ponnaram K Poshakka Ward member 9989146525
Ponnaram Kuntala Rajeshwari Ward member 9676925794
Ponnaram M Santhosh Ward member 9701827544
Ponnaram Neelam Suma Ward member 9949567296
Ponnaram Pittala Laxmi Ward member 9550646071
Ponnaram T Ramesh Ward member 9676589506
Sarangapalle R Kamlamanahor rao Sarpanch 9248353772
Sarangapalle A Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9949450201
Sarangapalle Ailla subadra Ward member 9849448081
Sarangapalle A.santhosh Ward member 9959277549
Sarangapalle B.Mamatha Ward member 9849169964
Sarangapalle Chetti Vanitha Ward member 9866002203
Sarangapalle G.Mallesh Ward member 9951868800
Sarangapalle Gurrapu Laxmi Ward member 9248353772
Sarangapalle M.ramadevi Ward member 9959522561
Sarangapalle M.Rayalingu Ward member 9000696158
Thimmapur Siri.D.Thirupathi Sarpanch 7893859497
Thimmapur Smt.B.Poshavva Upa-Sarpanch 9849577913
Thimmapur Smt.A.Laxmi Ward member 9533288825
Thimmapur Smt.B.Kali Ward member 7702642270
Thimmapur Smt.B.Laxmi Ward member 9908966570
Thimmapur Smt.B.Padma Ward member 9666980116
Thimmapur Smt.M.Laxmi Ward member 9676688942
Thimmapur Smt.M.Malleshwari Ward member 9000605794
Thimmapur Smt.S.Mariyamma Ward member 9550273482
Thimmapur Sri.B.Govind Ward member 9963743806
Thimmapur Sri.B.Kishan Ward member 9666980116
Thimmapur Sri.B.Surendar Ward member 9666274792
Thimmapur Sri.M.Srinivas Ward member 9849375993
Venkatapur Silam Suramma Sarpanch 9676761830
Venkatapur Salendra Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9908014346
Venkatapur Jadi Laxmi Ward member 9908355887
Venkatapur Kasipeta Sujatha Ward member 9908998131
Venkatapur Kotte Sampath Ward member 9849620647
Venkatapur Kummari Lavanya Ward member 8790732119
Venkatapur Masu rajesh Ward member 9701021524
Venkatapur Salluri Prabhaker Ward member 8179211902
Venkatapur Segyam Devaiah Ward member 9908927791
Venkatapur Siddena Rajeshwari Ward member 8897447433
Venkatapur Velpula Vileesha Ward member 9949759682

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