Indian National Satellite System (INSAT)

Indian National Satellite System [INSAT]

     Established in 1983 with commissioning of  INSAT-1B
     A joint venture of Department of  Space (DOS),Department of  Telecommunications,India Meteorogical Department, All India Radio and Doordarshan. DOS is responsible for establishment and operation of INSAT space segment.
INSAT space segment at present consista of INSAT-1D,last of the INSAT-1 series launched in 1990 and three ISRO-built satellites, INSAT-2A launched in july 1992, INSAT-2B launched in july 1993 and INSAT-2C launched on december 7, 1995.


INSAT-2DT acquired from ARABSAT
INSAT-2E launched on april 3,1999
ISRO has leased eleven 36 MHz equivalent units of C-band capacity on board INSAT-2E to INTELSAT organisation
INSAT-3B launched on march 22nd 2000
INSAT-3C launched on january 24th 2002
INSAT-3A launched on april 10th 2003
INSAT-3E launched on september 28th 2003
INSAT-4A launched on december 22nd 2005
INSAT-4C launched on july 9th 2006. [failed].
INSAT-4B launched on 12th march 2007.