Ellanthakunta Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State

Ellanthakunta Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
2014 Karimnagar District in Telangana State 

Ellanthakunta Are Varavva MPTC BC 9441314922
Ellanthakunta Keesari Padma MPTC BC 9704703797
Ellanthakunta Bandari Renuka MPTC BC 9490457185
Ellanthakunta Koheda Bhaskar MPTC BC 9492985801
Ellanthakunta Boppa Narsaiah MPTC BC 9618691531
Ellanthakunta Ollala Bhoolaxmi MPTC BC 9441122545
Ellanthakunta Kesaveni Rajesham MPTC BC 9177887819
Ellanthakunta Yasa Shailaja MPTC BC 9640824434
Ellanthakunta Rondla Thirupathireddy MPTC OC 9949744404
Ellanthakunta Elkanti Guruva Reddy MPTC OC 9441763654
Ellanthakunta Vade Laxmi MPTC OC 9603727497
Ellanthakunta Galipally Banavva MPTC SC 9573840379
Ellanthakunta Tadukapally Laxmi MPTC SC 9441078386
Gambhiraopet Bheenameni Chandrakala MPTC BC 9959529789

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