Keesara Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana

Keesara Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana State 2014


Mandal Village Name Ward member Caste Mobile no’s
Keesara Thimmaipally T RAMESH Ward member BC 8686806477
Keesara Thimmaipally P SHAMALAMMA Ward member OC 9849114600
Keesara Thimmaipally B MANASA Ward member BC 9912232788
Keesara Thimmaipally K SRISAILAM Ward member BC 9949578273
Keesara Thimmaipally E SATYANARAYANA Ward member BC 9441359255
Keesara Thimmaipally M LAVANYA Ward member BC 8897239486
Keesara Thimmaipally G LAVANAYA Ward member BC 9948050056
Keesara Thimmaipally SK ABEDHA BEGUM Ward member BC 8008270280
Keesara Thimmaipally T CHITTAMMA Ward member SC 9000816521
Keesara Yadgarpally D RENUKA Ward member SC 9959065696
Keesara Yadgarpally P KOUSALYA Ward member BC 9397028358
Keesara Yadgarpally J KASTURI Ward member BC 9963023989
Keesara Yadgarpally K SRINIVASGOUD Ward member BC 9550000519
Keesara Yadgarpally K LAKSHIMI Ward member BC 9640622655
Keesara Yadgarpally N MAHESHGOUD Ward member BC 9849676031
Keesara Yadgarpally G SRIRSMULU Ward member SC 9505887177
Keesara Yadgarpally K NAGARAJU Ward member BC 9700245390
Keesara Yadgarpally T NARENDER Ward member BC 8886914299
Keesara Yadgarpally N SRIVANI Ward member BC 8096985559
Keesara Yadgarpally P BUCHAMMA Ward member BC 9397028358
Keesara Keesara T.SRINIVAS Ward member SC 9912907423
Keesara Keesara M.SUJATHA Ward member BC 9177581257
Keesara Keesara G.BABU Ward member BC 8185999699
Keesara Keesara N.SWAPNA Ward member BC 9912579546
Keesara Keesara R.BALNARSIMHA Ward member BC 9848751516
Keesara Keesara R.ARUNDHATI Ward member BC 9912666337
Keesara Keesara M.RAMA DEVI Ward member BC 9912597677
Keesara Keesara P.RAVI KUMAR Ward member BC 9848054478
Keesara Keesara M.LATHA Ward member SC 9542783317
Keesara Keesara CH.MUTYALU Ward member BC 9848719285
Keesara Keesara P.SANGEETHA Ward member BC 9948859704
Keesara Keesara S.NARSIMHA CHARY Ward member BC 9848618484
Keesara Keesara M.ARCHANA Ward member BC 9948950099
Keesara Ankireddy Pally P SATYANARAYANA Ward member BC 9951584881
Keesara Ankireddy Pally K BHAGYAMMA Ward member BC 9948100488
Keesara Ankireddy Pally V KRANTHI KUMAR Ward member BC 9912077143
Keesara Ankireddy Pally P AAGAIAH Ward member BC 9912596796
Keesara Ankireddy Pally E PEDA BALA NARSAIAH Ward member BC 9912846173
Keesara Ankireddy Pally E GANGAMMA Ward member BC 9620662250
Keesara Ankireddy Pally K LATHA Ward member BC 9848732353
Keesara Ankireddy Pally A SARITHA Ward member BC 8498020227
Keesara Ankireddy Pally M ANITHA Ward member SC 9912688619
Keesara Cheeriyal Kola Arunajyothi Ward member BC 9397018504
Keesara Cheeriyal Koninti Sukkamma Ward member SC 9393824420
Keesara Cheeriyal Ravula muthyam Ward member BC 9440339560
Keesara Cheeriyal Ramidi Mallareddy Ward member OC 9394859292
Keesara Cheeriyal Kola Laxman Yadav Ward member BC 8019122939
Keesara Cheeriyal Vallala Balamani Ward member BC 9704487212
Keesara Cheeriyal Bandari Manjula Ward member BC 9533407456
Keesara Cheeriyal shivalengala Balamani Ward member BC 9391030858
Keesara Cheeriyal Gunda Venkatesh Ward member BC 9676983355
Keesara Cheeriyal Ramidi Sabitha Ward member OC 9676999266
Keesara Cheeriyal Tunga Dermendar Ward member SC 8499999465
Keesara Godumakunta VANGETI LALITHA Ward member OC 9395394673
Keesara Godumakunta KATLAPARI SAI BABU Ward member BC 9866798279
Keesara Godumakunta VIDIYALA RAJANI Ward member BC 9000777159
Keesara Godumakunta SURVI BHASKER Ward member BC 9393998186
Keesara Godumakunta MK.PADMA Ward member BC 9177087426
Keesara Godumakunta MANCHALA PRAVEEN KUMAR Ward member SC 9912874444
Keesara Godumakunta CHEERA PAVANI Ward member BC 9912104169
Keesara Godumakunta JAKKULA NAGAMANI Ward member BC 9886605531
Keesara Godumakunta UTUKURI PRAVEEN KUMAR Ward member BC 9949234484
Keesara Godumakunta KADAMANCHI UMA DEVI Ward member SC 9948710750
Keesara Godumakunta CHEERA KUMAR Ward member BC 9949503797
Keesara Nagaram . B.Yadamma Ward member ST 9866797599
Keesara Nagaram . K.Srinivas Reddy Ward member OC 9393999958
Keesara Nagaram . Ch.Sainath Goud Ward member BC 9399954179
Keesara Nagaram . S.Babu Rao Ward member BC 9912161177
Keesara Nagaram . B.Srikanth Yadav Ward member BC 9949243636
Keesara Nagaram . G.Satyam sagar Ward member BC 9010741777
Keesara Nagaram . B.Narsing Rao Ward member SC 9392415726
Keesara Nagaram . M.Jagan Mohan Reddy Ward member OC 9391020479
Keesara Nagaram . G.Anjaneyulu Goud Ward member BC 9949646964
Keesara Nagaram . T.Lavanya Ward member BC 9885735531
Keesara Nagaram . K.Anitha Ward member OC 9948719320
Keesara Nagaram . C.Bhagya laxmi Ward member BC 8019136207
Keesara Nagaram . N.Maheshwari Ward member SC 9391385894
Keesara Nagaram . A.Archana Ward member BC 9399988847
Keesara Nagaram . A.Sumitra Ward member BC 9399977782
Keesara Nagaram . K.Divya Ward member BC 9703191678
Keesara Nagaram . chittoji Swapna Ward member BC 9399955538
Keesara Rampally . E NAGESH Ward member BC 9533808577
Keesara Rampally . P YADAMMA Ward member SC 9908852945
Keesara Rampally . J PRAVEEN Ward member BC 9849996600
Keesara Rampally . P MALLESH Ward member BC 9866028377
Keesara Rampally . N SUGUNA Ward member BC 9346398885
Keesara Rampally . CH SIVA LINGAM Ward member BC 9397656808
Keesara Rampally . G BALAMMA Ward member BC 9912905758
Keesara Rampally . CH MALLESH Ward member SC 9866850933
Keesara Rampally . CH SANDYA Ward member BC 9010020407
Keesara Rampally . D MALLESH Ward member BC 9848443077
Keesara Rampally . K LATHA Ward member BC 9346539889
Keesara Rampally . SANDYA Ward member OC 9000353859
Keesara Rampally . J LAVANYA Ward member BC 7893799555
Keesara Rampally Daira GARGULA POCHAMMA Ward member SC 9948621939
Keesara Rampally Daira SALIVEDI JAYAMMA Ward member SC 9951063420
Keesara Rampally Daira GOKA RENUKA Ward member SC 9553968165
Keesara Rampally Daira GARGULA BHASKER Ward member SC 9866854799
Keesara Rampally Daira G.ILAIAH YADAV Ward member BC 9010328195
Keesara Rampally Daira VELPULA MADHAVI Ward member BC 9948825339
Keesara Rampally Daira MAMIDI BALA KRISHNA Ward member SC 9030871971
Keesara Bhogaram AELLABOINA . NAGARAJU Ward member BC 9030833719
Keesara Bhogaram A. NAGARAJU Ward member BC 9177837023
Keesara Bhogaram L. CHANDRAKALA Ward member BC 9701562000
Keesara Bhogaram K. JAYAMMA Ward member SC 8143126706
Keesara Bhogaram K. RAJU Ward member BC 9032197459
Keesara Bhogaram R. HARITHA Ward member BC 7207370078
Keesara Bhogaram A. LAXMAMMA Ward member BC 9030067190
Keesara Bhogaram M. BABU Ward member SC 9032565893
Keesara Bhogaram S. BHAGYAMMA Ward member OC 9912247437
Keesara Dammaiguda Sri Durgam Sainath Goud Ward member BC 9666281819
Keesara Dammaiguda Sri Sampanabolu Narsimha Goud Ward member BC 9392458308
Keesara Dammaiguda Smt. Kandadi Vanaja Ward member OC 9912677667
Keesara Dammaiguda Smt. Vaya Durga Ward member ST 7396791632
Keesara Dammaiguda Sri. Madasu Raghavendra Ward member BC 8019743960
Keesara Dammaiguda Smt. Vasupathi Praneetha Goud Ward member BC 9296851588
Keesara Dammaiguda Smt. Guravalli Yamuna Ward member BC 9700666664
Keesara Dammaiguda Smt. Pullagurla Kalavathi Ward member OC 8978183841
Keesara Dammaiguda Sri. Vasa Kiran Kumar Guptha Ward member OC 9390633994
Keesara Dammaiguda Smt. Mamilla Akhila Ward member SC 9848250744
Keesara Dammaiguda Sri. Kandadi Chenna Reddy Ward member OC 9326211395
Keesara Dammaiguda Smt. Bathini Prashanthi Goud Ward member BC 9959062333
Keesara Dammaiguda Smt. Kothooju Jaya Lakshmi Ward member BC 9866052087
Keesara Dammaiguda Sri. Dasari Narsimha Reddy Ward member OC 9866998655
Keesara Dammaiguda Sri. Madi Reddy Narendar Reddy Ward member OC 9849577219
Keesara Ahmedguda P Santosh Goud Ward member BC 9849999079
Keesara Ahmedguda P Maheshwari Ward member BC 9492559330
Keesara Ahmedguda M Venkatesh Ward member SC 9848732103
Keesara Ahmedguda M Sangeetha Ward member BC 9912875954
Keesara Ahmedguda K Swaroopa Rani Ward member SC 9640278351
Keesara Ahmedguda T Lavanya Ward member OC 9989189071
Keesara Ahmedguda O Pushpanjali Ward member ST 7702715267
Keesara Ahmedguda K Tirupathi REddy Ward member OC 9989247788
Keesara Ahmedguda B Suneetha Ward member BC 9848414030
Keesara Ahmedguda K Bhasker Goud Ward member BC 9346687285
Keesara Ahmedguda P Lavanya Goud Ward member BC 9912676146
Keesara Ahmedguda M Maniphal Reddy Ward member OC 9849085293
Keesara Ahmedguda B Raju Mudiraj Ward member BC 9948200268
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