Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Photoshop Shortcut Keys


Ctrl+N New…
Ctrl+O Open…
Alt+Ctrl+O Browse…
Shft+Ctrl+O Browse…
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+O Open As…
Shft+Ctrl+M Edit in ImageReady
Ctrl W Close file in Photoshop
Alt+Ctrl+W Close All
Shft+Ctrl+W Close and Go To Bridge…
Ctrl S Save a file in Photoshop
Shft+Ctrl+S Save As…
Alt+Ctrl+S Save As…

Save a Version in Photoshop

Alt+Shft+Ctrl+S Save for Web…
F12 Revert
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+I File Info…
Shft+Ctrl+P Page Setup…
Alt Ctrl P Print with Preview in Photoshop
Ctrl+P Print…
Alt Shft Ctrl P Print One Copy in Photoshop

Print Online…

Ctrl+Q Exit

Photoshop Edit

Ctrl Z Undo/Redo in Photoshop
Shft Ctrl Z Step Forward in Photoshop
Alt+Ctrl+Z Step Backward
Shft+Ctrl+F Fade…
Ctrl+X F2 Cut
Ctrl+C F3 Copy
Shft+Ctrl+C Copy Merged
Ctrl+V F4 Paste
Shft+Ctrl+V Paste Into
Shft+F5 Fill…
Ctrl T Free Transform in Photoshop


Shft+Ctrl+T Again
Shft+Ctrl+K Color Settings…
Alt Shft Ctrl K Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+M Menus…


Ctrl+K General…

Ctrl+L Levels…
Shft+Ctrl+L Auto Levels
Alt Shft Ctrl L Auto Contrast in Photoshop
Shft+Ctrl+B Auto Color
Ctrl+M Curves…
Ctrl+B Color Balance…
Ctrl+U Hue/Saturation…
Shft+Ctrl+U Desaturate
Alt+Ctrl+I Image Size…
Alt Ctrl C Canvas Size in Photoshop


Shft+Ctrl+N Layer…
Ctrl+J Layer via Copy
Shft+Ctrl+J Layer via Cut
Alt+Ctrl+G Create/Release Clipping Mask
Ctrl+G Group Layers
Shft Ctrl G Ungroup Layers in Photoshop
Shft Ctrl ] Bring to Front in Photoshop
Ctrl+] Bring Forward
Ctrl+[ Send Backward
Shft+Ctrl+[ Send to Back
Ctrl+E Merge Layers
Shft Ctrl E Merge Visible in Photoshop


Ctrl+A All
Ctrl+D Deselect
Shft+Ctrl+D Reselect
Shft+Ctrl+I Shft+F7 Inverse
Alt+Ctrl+A All Layers
Alt+Ctrl+D Shft+F6 Feather…


Ctrl+F Last Filter
Alt+Ctrl+X Extract…
Shft+Ctrl+X Liquify…
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+X Pattern Maker…
Alt+Ctrl+V Vanishing Point…

Proof Setup

Ctrl+Y Proof Colors
Shft+Ctrl+Y Gamut Warning
Ctrl++ Ctrl+= Zoom In
Ctrl+- Zoom Out
Ctrl+0 Fit on Screen
Alt+Ctrl+0 Actual Pixels
Ctrl+H Extras


Shft+Ctrl+H Target Path
Ctrl+’ Grid
Ctrl+; Guidesv
Ctrl+R Rulers
Shft+Ctrl+; Snap
Alt+Ctrl+; Lock Guides
Alt+F9 F9 Actions
F5 Brushes in Photoshop
F6 Color
F8 Info
F7 Layers

Photoshop Help

F1 Photoshop Help

Photoshop Animation

Alt+Shft+Ctrl+F New Frame

Photoshop History
Shft+Ctrl+Z Step Forward
Alt+Ctrl+Z Step Backward

Photoshop Layers

Shft+Ctrl+N New Layer…
Alt+Ctrl+G Create/Release Clipping Mask
Ctrl E Merge Layers in Photoshop
Shft+Ctrl+E Merge Visible


Shortcut Tools
M Rectangular Marquee Tool
M Elliptical Marquee Tool
V Move Tool
L Lasso Tool
L Polygonal Lasso Tool
L Magnetic Lasso Tool
W Magic Wand Tool
C Crop Tool
K Slice Tool
K Slice Select Tool
J Spot Healing Brush Tool
J Healing Brush Tool
J Patch Tool
J Red Eye Tool
B Brush Tool
B Pencil Tool
B Color Replacement Tool
S Clone Stamp Tool
S Pattern Stamp Tool
Y History Brush Tool
Y Art History Brush
E Eraser Tool
E Background Eraser Tool
E Magic Eraser Tool
G Gradient Tool
G Paint Bucket Tool
R Blur Tool
R Sharpen Tool
R Smudge Tool
O Dodge Tool
O Burn Tool
O Sponge Tool
A Path Selection Tool
A Direct Selection Tool
T Horizontal Type Tool
T Vertical Type Tool
T Horizontal Type Mask Tool
T Vertical Type Mask Tool
P Pen Tool
P Freeform Pen Tool
U Rectangle Tool
U Rounded Rectangle Tool
U Ellipse Tool
U Polygon Tool
U Line Tool
U Custom Shape Tool
N Notes Tool
N Audio Annotation Tool
I Eyedropper Tool
I Color Sampler Tool
I Measure Tool
H Hand Tool
Z Zoom Tool
D Default Foreground/Background Colors
X Switch Foreground/Background Colors
Q Toggle Standard/Quick Mask Modes
F Toggle Screen Modes
/ Toggle Preserve Transparency
[ Decrease Brush Size
] Increase Brush Size
{ Decrease Brush Hardness
} Increase Brush Hardness
, Previous Brush
. Next Brush
< First Brush
> Last Brush

Photoshop Shortcut Keys

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