Medchal Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana

Medchal Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List 2014 RangaReddy District in Telangana State


Mandal Village Name Ward member Caste Mobile no’s
Medchal Nuthankal Talari Kalavathi Ward member BC 9912376657
Medchal Nuthankal Talari Bhavani Ward member BC 9542353678
Medchal Nuthankal Chinnola Sujatha Ward member SC 9030162577
Medchal Nuthankal Nathu Srinivas Ward member BC 9948562001
Medchal Nuthankal Malligari Devena Ward member SC 9676305877
Medchal Nuthankal chintaginja Lakshman Ward member BC 9951946828
Medchal Nuthankal Boini China Lakshmi Ward member BC 9989238987
Medchal Nuthankal D Praveen Ward member SC 9848296737
Medchal Yellampet T.Narsing Rao Ward member BC 9959049348
Medchal Yellampet Ch.Suguna Ward member SC 9502636692
Medchal Yellampet V.Nagachary Ward member BC 9440618537
Medchal Yellampet K.Lalitha Ward member BC 9951428750
Medchal Yellampet S.Kumar Ward member BC 9963633450
Medchal Yellampet G.Prameela Ward member BC 9553376326
Medchal Yellampet C.Renuka Ward member BC 9951445316
Medchal Yellampet K.Balesh Ward member BC 9948379933
Medchal Yellampet T.Narsimha Ward member BC 9440028036
Medchal Somaram E Lakshmi Ward member BC 9177858279
Medchal Somaram E Lakshmaiah Ward member BC 9848506887
Medchal Somaram K Raju Ward member SC 9666340925
Medchal Somaram B Lakshmi Ward member SC 9666896303
Medchal Somaram S Renuka Ward member BC 9949576895
Medchal Somaram R Karunakar reddy Ward member OC 9010789999
Medchal Somaram K Chandram Ward member BC 9133334578
Medchal Somaram Ragam Swapna Ward member BC 9849605350
Medchal Ravalkole Yerravalli Harath Reddy Ward member OC 9849258467
Medchal Ravalkole Tejavath Saalamma Ward member ST 9394824803
Medchal Ravalkole Mamindla Nagamani Ward member BC 9849370823
Medchal Ravalkole Bandela Mallesh Ward member SC 9666679639
Medchal Ravalkole Gopani Sairani Ward member BC 9397028111
Medchal Ravalkole Mamindla Devender Ward member BC 8185852008
Medchal Ravalkole Dundigalla Karunakar Reddy Ward member OC 9347592692
Medchal Ravalkole Aakula Rajamani Ward member BC 9494742305
Medchal Ravalkole Rajabojaina Mahender Ward member BC 9030502528
Medchal Ravalkole Gopani Nagamani Ward member BC 9440562592
Medchal Ravalkole Bhanavath Laxmi Ward member ST 9848619886
Medchal Ravalkole Lavudya Kamli Ward member ST 9603694246
Medchal Ravalkole Karmakonda Krishnaveni Ward member BC 9959585920
Medchal Yadaram CH RAJMANI Ward member BC 9392012744
Medchal Yadaram A HANUMATH DAS Ward member BC 9000575838
Medchal Yadaram B RANGAMA Ward member ST 9618349567
Medchal Yadaram J NAVANITHA Ward member BC 9866739604
Medchal Yadaram M DURAGAMA Ward member BC 9666480301
Medchal Yadaram D PENTAMA Ward member SC 9392513331
Medchal Yadaram T NAGA RAJU Ward member SC 9553085411
Medchal Yadaram I SRIKANTH REDDY Ward member OC 9440611110
Medchal Yadaram V KANKA CHANDRAM Ward member BC 9989741573
Medchal Rajaballaram Kuraakula Mallesh Ward member BC 9849393289
Medchal Rajaballaram Kuurakula Srinivas Ward member BC 9908192157
Medchal Rajaballaram Nunavath Bilya Ward member ST 9949150777
Medchal Rajaballaram Pilli Laxminarayana Ward member BC 9948793090
Medchal Rajaballaram Nunavath Kishan Ward member ST 9849801347
Medchal Rajaballaram Malavath Chandi Ward member ST 9989238960
Medchal Rajaballaram Mahankali Suresh Ward member BC 9951323209
Medchal Rajaballaram Malavath Boori Bai Ward member ST 9705766547
Medchal Rajaballaram Gunti Narsamma Ward member BC 9666690045
Medchal Rajaballaram Kotagiri Laxmi Ward member BC 9177209466
Medchal Rajaballaram Duddu Padma Ward member SC 9666876744
Medchal Dabilpur B.LAXMI Ward member SC 9553066530
Medchal Dabilpur M.SAIBABAGOUD Ward member BC 9848313265
Medchal Dabilpur S.RAMESH Ward member BC 9394720888
Medchal Dabilpur D.BHAGYALAXMI Ward member SC 8885459660
Medchal Dabilpur G.VENKATESH YADAV Ward member BC 9010046461
Medchal Dabilpur P.RAMESH Ward member BC 9177653380
Medchal Dabilpur K.PADMA Ward member SC 9390279250
Medchal Dabilpur P.SHANKARAMMA Ward member BC 9010014855
Medchal Dabilpur B.NARSING GOUD Ward member BC 9440753380
Medchal Dabilpur T.NEELAMMA Ward member BC 9704705417
Medchal Dabilpur G.LAXMI Ward member BC 9959731721
Medchal Dabilpur MD.MORIAMBI Ward member MINORITY 9666946714
Medchal Dabilpur S.MALLAMMA Ward member BC 9848243944
Medchal Bandamadharam DOBANABOINA ASHOK Ward member BC 9849683482
Medchal Bandamadharam ELLABOINA SHOBHA Ward member BC 9963858767
Medchal Bandamadharam JAKULLA KRISHNA Ward member BC 9704569370
Medchal Bandamadharam JAKKULA RAJANI Ward member BC 9666695336
Medchal Bandamadharam JAKKULA MALLESH Ward member BC 8099829296
Medchal Bandamadharam KORVI RANI Ward member BC 9000461091
Medchal Sreerangavaram Ch.Narsingh Rao Ward member SC 9618400385
Medchal Sreerangavaram D.Narsimha Ward member BC 9393338288
Medchal Sreerangavaram T.Radha Ward member BC 9550704789
Medchal Sreerangavaram G.Sujatha Ward member BC 9704526148
Medchal Sreerangavaram M.Satyanarayana Ward member BC 9550980163
Medchal Sreerangavaram T.padma Ward member SC 9573737853
Medchal Sreerangavaram E.Shanker Ward member BC 9949313972
Medchal Sreerangavaram M.Srinivas Ward member BC 9989302976
Medchal Sreerangavaram kummari nagalakshmi Ward member BC 9963214951
Medchal Sreerangavaram S.Sailaja Ward member OC 8886885057
Medchal Sreerangavaram D.Bhagya laxmi Ward member BC 9989238202
Medchal Rayalapur m.balamani Ward member BC 9704570752
Medchal Rayalapur vadde yellamma Ward member BC 9963632835
Medchal Rayalapur t.venkatesh Ward member BC 9849336752
Medchal Rayalapur p.laxman goud Ward member BC 8886363448
Medchal Rayalapur m.kavitha Ward member OC 9963135797
Medchal Rayalapur s.jaganmohan reddy Ward member OC 9849772423
Medchal Rayalapur chinthala pushpa Ward member SC 9949503164
Medchal Girmapur Gundla Beerappa Ward member BC 9866243084
Medchal Girmapur Cheerla Nagamani Ward member BC 9346494003
Medchal Girmapur Mukkera Anand kumar Ward member SC 9866998815
Medchal Girmapur Bokka varalaxmi Ward member OC 9347033518
Medchal Girmapur Neerudi Kalpana Ward member SC 9000148745
Medchal Girmapur Bandi Saroja Ward member BC 9376057970
Medchal Girmapur Bandi Prakash Goud Ward member BC 9848842252
Medchal Girmapur Marka Shekshar Ward member BC 9848082313
Medchal Girmapur Bandi Veda Kumari Ward member BC 9704766269
Medchal Goudavelly G VIJAY KUMAR Ward member SC 9849790783
Medchal Goudavelly P VISHNU Ward member BC 9948838923
Medchal Goudavelly G SARASWATHI Ward member BC 9866058060
Medchal Goudavelly E REVATHI Ward member SC 9177580500
Medchal Goudavelly S ANURADHA Ward member BC 9912434471
Medchal Goudavelly D GOPAL Ward member BC 9346921367
Medchal Goudavelly T SARITHA Ward member OC 9573415516
Medchal Goudavelly P MURALI GOUD Ward member BC 9848785605
Medchal Goudavelly G RAMANA REDDY Ward member OC 9394565527
Medchal Goudavelly G BHAGYALAXMI Ward member BC 9912507536
Medchal Goudavelly K BHANUPRIYA Ward member SC 9553595013
Medchal Pudoor Yatavelli Gopal Reddy Ward member OC 9908662211
Medchal Pudoor Nimmala Bhagyamma Ward member BC 9542394689
Medchal Pudoor Mallala krishna Ward member BC 9989238256
Medchal Pudoor etaboina Nirmala Ward member BC 9010269448
Medchal Pudoor gaddam Ganga Ward member SC 9949322542
Medchal Pudoor Kola Venkatesh Ward member SC 9705463333
Medchal Pudoor mekala Sunitha Ward member BC 9848434614
Medchal Pudoor Tupakula Krishna Ward member BC 9440382863
Medchal Pudoor Arrolla Madhavi Ward member BC 9640484970
Medchal Pudoor K.Manohara Ward member OC 9849852810
Medchal Pudoor R.Mahesh Ward member BC 9848666478
Medchal Muneerabad B ANA REDDY Ward member OC 9848056823
Medchal Muneerabad K RAJA Ward member BC 9849789534
Medchal Muneerabad A VARALAXMI Ward member OC 9849404205
Medchal Muneerabad CH ANJANEYULU Ward member BC 9866690103
Medchal Muneerabad M CHANDINI Ward member ST 9010096181
Medchal Muneerabad K SHOBHA Ward member BC 9177090173
Medchal Muneerabad G NARSINGH RAO Ward member SC 9849634740
Medchal Muneerabad CH SWARUPA Ward member BC 9293400255
Medchal Kandlakoi S MAMATHA Ward member BC 9949959333
Medchal Kandlakoi Y PUSPA LATHA Ward member SC 9949745520
Medchal Kandlakoi K LAKSMI NARAYANA Ward member SC 8019677295
Medchal Kandlakoi CH ANAND Ward member BC 9553376636
Medchal Kandlakoi K SRILATHA Ward member SC 9849854298
Medchal Kandlakoi D NAGAMANI Ward member ST 9849582233
Medchal Kandlakoi S RAJU Ward member BC 9849152374
Medchal Kandlakoi S LAKSHMI Ward member BC 9550292688
Medchal Kandlakoi T SRINIVAS Ward member BC 9989238589
Medchal Kandlakoi S SANTHOSHI Ward member BC 9000510029
Medchal Kandlakoi T SHUSHILA Ward member BC 9704869189
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Bandari Latha Ward member BC 9391006972
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Uddaymarri Pochamma Ward member BC 9704375796
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Jaligam Komala Ward member SC 9177804880
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Pochampally Balamani Ward member OC 9700071137
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Sunku Punyamma Ward member BC 9849146203
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Battikadi Devender Mudiraj Ward member BC 8885079178
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Komera Anil Kumar Ward member SC 9700380380
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Mudraganam Shivakumar Yadav Ward member BC 9966002999
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Amaram Jaipal Reddy Ward member OC 9700271371
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Uddaymarri Krishna Mudiraj Ward member BC 9550550766
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Amaram Vijaya Ward member OC 9989235779
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Kuncha Sujatha Ward member BC 9908192177
Medchal Gundlapochampalle Maligay Aruna Ward member BC 9849787204

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