A billionaire investment as well as Trump megadonor Peter Thiel to California Florida Governor Ron DeSantis


By Pamu Udaya

He said Republicans should do more than highlight the problems in liberal states like California.

DeSantis was the most successful of all GOP governors, doing the right thing, Thiel said.

He also noted that he is concerned about rising housing prices in the Sunshine State.

Aventura, Florida - Republicans have focused heavily on bashing liberal states like California,

But billionaire investor Peter Thiel said on Sunday he was concerned they should focus on delivering a "positive agenda" for the party's future.

In a speech at the National Conservatism Conference, Thiel presented a grim picture from his home state of California.

nd there's one governor in Florida who says he's thinking toward alternative policymaking the right way: Ron DeSantis.

"DeSantis is the best of Florida's governors when it comes to offering a real alternative to California," Thiel announced to a group of guests at the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort.

However, Thiel has a big disclaimer. Concerned about how expensive homes in Florida are changing.

Thiel claims to have bought an $18 million home in Miami in 2020. It is worth around $35 million.

A test of the state's policies, he said, would be whether housing prices would come down.

"The fact that real estate has taken off in Florida or Texas in the last two or three years is not proof that you're succeeding and building a better model than California," the person said.