Queen Elizabeth II embarks on her final journey


By Pamu Udaya

At 10am on Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II left for her final journey.

From her chosen home, Balmoral Castle in the Scottish countryside, the Queen's cortege traveled to Edinburgh

and rests until the next day before proceeding to London. Lakhs of people will come to pay their last respects to her.

The British monarch who ruled for more than 70 years passed away on April 4.

Two days ago she had a meeting with the new Prime Minister.

This is what she did with every Prime Minister up until Winston Churchill. She was the glue that held the nation together for decades.

Aged 96, she had suffered months of frailty and a stunned crowd soon gathered at Buckingham Palace.

It was the day King Charles III was officially declared the new ruler at his inauguration.

The death of their grandmother left the brothers, Princes William and Harry, and Harry separated for a short time.

In his first address to the nation as king, Charles borrowed from Shakespeare to bid farewell to his mother

"The angelic flights will sing of thee for thy rest," he said.

After a state funeral on January 19, Queen Elizabeth will be laid to rest next to her lifelong husband, Prince Philip, at Windsor Castle outside London.