Chrome shortcut keys

Chrome shortcut keys


Ctrl + Shift + N To enter Incognito mode

Ctrl + Shift + T Open the last closed tab
Ctrl + W Close the active tab
Ctrl + PgDn Jump to next open tab
Ctrl + PgUp Jump to previous open tab
Ctrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8 Jump to a specific tab.
Ctrl + 9 Jump to the rightmost tab.
Alt + Home Open your home page in the current tab.
Alt + Space then N Minimize the current window.
Alt + F then X Quit Google Chrome

Chrome shortcut keys

While the above are some of the most common ones, there are a few other important Chrome shortcut keys that will further help you speed up your work:

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Alt + F or Alt + E Display the Chrome menu
Ctrl + Shift + B Display or hide the bookmarks bar
Ctrl + Shift + O Load the bookmarks manager
Ctrl + J Open the Downloads page in a new tab
Shift + Esc Open the Chrome Task Manager
Ctrl + Shift + Delete Open the clear browsing data options
F5 or Ctrl + R Refresh the current page
Ctrl + D Bookmark a page

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