Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS) System

Indian Remote Sensing Satellite [IRS] System-Information

         Commisioned With the launch of IRS -1A in March 1988.
IRS system under national Natural Resources Management System [NNRMS] coordinated at national level by the planning committee  of NNRMS [PC-NNRMS].
      At present has four satellites, IRS -1B launched in august 1991, IRS-1C launched in December 1995  and IRS-1D launched  on September 29, 1997.
     IRS-P3 and IRS-1D launched by India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle [PSLV].
    OCEANSAT-1 with an Ocean Colour Monitor [OCM]  and a Multi-frequency Scanning Microwave Radiometer [MSMR] launched by PSLV-C2.
    RESOURCESAT-1 for agricultural applications launched by PSLV-C5.
    CARTOSAT-1 with a very High Resolution Panchromatic camera for cartographic applications launched by PSLV-C6.
    Data from IRS satellite received and  processed by the  National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad.
    SI a US company also receives and markets IRS data worldwide under a commercial contract with antrix  Corporation of the Department of Space.

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