Tadvai Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Tadvai Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List 2014 Warangal District in Telangana State

Kalwapalli kumula.saraiah Sarpanch 9441679455
Kalwapalli Koragagatla.Jagannadharao Upa-Sarpanch 0
Kalwapalli Alam. Jayamma Ward member 0
Kalwapalli Bommeni. Rambabu Ward member 0
Kalwapalli Cherukula. Laxmi Ward member 0
Kalwapalli Koppula. Vinoda Ward member 0
Kalwapalli Peerila. Amarender Ward member 0
Kalwapalli Purushottam. Saramma Ward member 0
Kalwapalli Sagulam.Laxmaiah Ward member 0
Kalwapalli Siddaboina.Batkaiah Ward member 0
Kalwapalli Siddaboina.Nagamani Ward member 0
Katapuram Puli Narsaiah Sarpanch 9441838901
Katapuram Medishetti Padma Upa-Sarpanch 9494278012
Katapuram Chettupalli Ramulu Ward member 9494278202
Katapuram Gandu Swarupa Ward member 8985098620
Katapuram Kaithi Krishna Chary Ward member 9494277572
Katapuram Konkathi Satyam Ward member 8985169202
Katapuram Kuchana Prabhavathi Ward member 9492139534
Katapuram Marri Eshwaramma Ward member 9494278121
Katapuram Md. Nurulla Hussain Ward member 9441195797
Katapuram Pujari Narsimhaiah Ward member 8500885085
Katapuram Vaddula Vajra Ward member 9494277355
Lingala Agaboina Ramaiah Sarpanch 9441879455
Lingala charpla sammakkau Upa-Sarpanch 9441879455
Lingala allem mangaiah Ward member 9440958231
Lingala chapala sammakka Ward member 8897442309
Lingala chela erraiah Ward member 9553458497
Lingala gummadi laxmaiah Ward member 7702102810
Lingala mankidi laxmi narasaiah Ward member 9492958840
Lingala mankidi narsaiah Ward member 8790719084
Lingala punem abbaiah Ward member 9441879455
Lingala vattam sushila Ward member 9492644205
Lingala yapa sayakka Ward member 9441879455
Narlapur CHINTHA.SUSHEELA Sarpanch 8500178762
Narlapur THOLEM.SAMMAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 8500178762
Narlapur A.JAYA Ward member
Narlapur A.RATHAN SINGH Ward member
Narlapur D.BIXAPATHI Ward member 8500178762
Narlapur G.SAVITHRI Ward member
Narlapur J.RAMAKKA Ward member
Narlapur K.RAJU Ward member
Narlapur M.PUSHPALEELA Ward member
Narlapur M.SHOBARANI Ward member 8500178762
Narlapur NALI.SAMBAIAH Ward member 8500178762
Narlapur S.KALA Ward member 8500178762
Narlapur T.SRINU Ward member
Narsapur(P.A) Nali Sumalatha Sarpanch 9441677281
Narsapur(P.A) Sunarikani Narayana Upa-Sarpanch 8985993027
Narsapur(P.A) Chela Parvathi Ward member 9491070861
Narsapur(P.A) G undyboina Sujatha Ward member 0
Narsapur(P.A) Mallala Shankaraiah Ward member 9491819530
Narsapur(P.A) Mankidi Venkata laxmi Ward member 9492642528
Narsapur(P.A) Nali Ramaiah Ward member 9490378163
Narsapur(P.A) Nali Ravi Varma Ward member 8500961811
Narsapur(P.A) Nali Suguana Ward member 8500875677
Oorattam Gaddam Sandhya Rani Sarpanch 9492114430
Oorattam Kote Jyothi Upa-Sarpanch 8500580158
Oorattam Alem Sammakka Ward member 9948691780
Oorattam Bachali Swarupa Ward member 9493900770
Oorattam Gondi Muthyam Bai Ward member 8985465216
Oorattam Gummadi Satyanarayana Ward member 8332051021
Oorattam Kadari Rama Swamy Ward member
Oorattam Koram Sammakka Ward member 9493260574
Oorattam Madapa Ramesh Ward member 9492116170
Oorattam Payam Sarala Devi Ward member 8331005709
Oorattam Peerela Venkanna Ward member 9494037808
Pambapur Mankidi Bhagyasri Sarpanch 9492107965
Pambapur Pulusam Kantha Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9494278217
Pambapur Bandari Padma Ward member 9493018029
Pambapur Jabba Ravi Ward member 8333058930
Pambapur Kalthi Susheela Ward member 9440005608
Pambapur Payam Surya Ward member 8985792759
Pambapur Payam Venkanna Ward member 9491996012
Pambapur Suthari Venkanna Ward member 8332874751
Pambapur Yelagonda Yashoda Ward member 9494280732
Tadvai K. Laxminarsaiah Sarpanch 9441195735
Tadvai K. Bhadraiah Upa-Sarpanch 9441619031
Tadvai A. Rajeshwar Rao Ward member 9492642532
Tadvai B. Radha Ward member 7382176364
Tadvai Ch. Komraiah Ward member 9494873001
Tadvai E. Chandra Kala Ward member 8985419706
Tadvai I. Sumalatha Ward member 8096200992
Tadvai K. Urmila Ward member 9494284926
Tadvai M. Narayana Ward member 9494922920
Tadvai P. Nagaraju Ward member 8500251760
Tadvai P. Savithri Ward member 9492536554
Tadvai R. Anand Kumar Ward member 8500996090
Tadvai R. Laxmi Ward member 0

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