Venkatapur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Venkatapur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List 2014 Warangal District in Telangana State

Laxmidevipet Gattu Rama Sarpanch 9573877492
Laxmidevipet Allam Kumaraswamy Upa-Sarpanch 9000747701
Laxmidevipet Allam Sammakka Ward member 7723019796
Laxmidevipet Banoth Bhasker Ward member 9959376988
Laxmidevipet Chirra Veeraswamy Ward member 9849056147
Laxmidevipet Digini Sammakka Ward member 8897708975
Laxmidevipet Erra Lavanya Ward member 9542385581
Laxmidevipet Jadi Soudalaiah Ward member 9908204285
Laxmidevipet Jonnala Ramesh Ward member 9550894423
Laxmidevipet Konda Girivardhan Ward member 8985225014
Laxmidevipet Marepelly Lalitha Ward member 8573880857
Laxmidevipet Perka Sharadha Ward member 9989634271
Laxmidevipet Veeragani Vajra Ward member 9000336398
Nallagunta Perla Ravi Sarpanch 9908204002
Nallagunta M Sridhar Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9949567922
Nallagunta A Narsaiah Ward member 7893590369
Nallagunta B Sammaiah Ward member 8106729328
Nallagunta D Venu Kumar Ward member 9959291681
Nallagunta E Rajamma Ward member 9866930463
Nallagunta K Rama Devi Ward member 9878355684
Nallagunta K Sammakka Ward member 8106389448
Nallagunta K Swapna Ward member 9866838649
Nallagunta P Swaroopa Ward member 9989041835
Nallagunta V Chandraiah Ward member 9550894434
Narsapur gai Rudramadevi Sarpanch 9640257137
Narsapur Madugula Bhaskar Upa-Sarpanch 9618525383
Narsapur Bella Arunamma Ward member 9666763437
Narsapur Bhaskral Rambabu Ward member 9573081830
Narsapur Enddla Samakka Ward member 8897215165
Narsapur Gurram Swrupa Ward member 9912361763
Narsapur JOdu Saragam Ward member 9705343633
Narsapur Mysa Bixshapathi Ward member 9959026183
Narsapur Nakka Kumareli Ward member 9010318550
Narsapur Reddy Bhdramm Ward member 8978913853
Narsapur Serekonda Gunamma Ward member 9959222931
Narsapur suthram Karnakar Ward member 9959650089
Narsapur Thota Rama Ward member 9618328499
Palampet K PULAMMA Sarpanch 9392816870
Palampet BURRA MAHESH Upa-Sarpanch 9705134249
Palampet A KISTAMMA Ward member 9177453654
Palampet B GOPAMMA Ward member 9010549015
Palampet B RAJITHA Ward member 9603770653
Palampet B RAMADEVI Ward member 8008193735
Palampet M PRAMEELA Ward member 9346634126
Palampet M SWAMY Ward member 9505829121
Palampet P SANTHOSH Ward member 9951025628
Palampet R KALAMMA Ward member 9603075490
Palampet T SUDHAKAR Ward member 8106745101
Peddapur A.Mamatha Sarpanch 9908288352
Peddapur U.Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9948149241
Peddapur B.Sarakka Ward member 8897344372
Peddapur B.Saramma Ward member 8897344372
Peddapur B.Srilatha Ward member 9848070341
Peddapur G.Padma Ward member 9848053846
Peddapur G.Rajaiah Ward member 9949277441
Peddapur K.Thirumala Ward member 9908102682
Peddapur M.Sambaiah Ward member 9505898033
Peddapur P.Shyambabu Ward member 9963043057
Peddapur T.Durgamma Ward member 7669926072
Ramanujapur K.Sheshamma Sarpanch 9505958941
Ramanujapur Y.Rangarao Upa-Sarpanch 9866962881
Ramanujapur K.Chandraiah Ward member 8106229244
Ramanujapur K.Lavanya Ward member 9959295086
Ramanujapur K.Odemma Ward member 0
Ramanujapur K.rama Ward member 9989518000
Ramanujapur K.Ravikumar Ward member 9701684152
Ramanujapur M.bhagyalaxmi Ward member 7673963872
Ramanujapur N.Sammaiah Ward member 9502272029
Ramanujapur P.Mahender Ward member 9701358267
Ramanujapur P.Nagaraju Ward member 8008868166
Ramanujapur P.shyalaja Ward member 9573742702
Ramanujapur S.Ahalya Ward member 9676169210
Venkatapur MD.Raheemoddin Sarpanch 9676170426
Venkatapur B.Poshalu Upa-Sarpanch 9908753694
Venkatapur A.Rajamogili Ward member 9912355782
Venkatapur G.Sandhya Ward member 8008325972
Venkatapur G.Sunitha Ward member 7202486304
Venkatapur G.Venkataswamy Ward member 9676798261
Venkatapur K.Bharathi Ward member 9705036476
Venkatapur K.Manjula Ward member 0
Venkatapur M.chinna Radha Ward member 9704067926
Venkatapur M.Komuraiah Ward member 7799123145
Venkatapur M.mahender Ward member 8179807264
Venkatapur M.Suguna Ward member 9949585080
Venkatapur P.Mahenderrao Ward member 8106229853
Venkatapur R.Rajamogili Ward member 9704116616
Venkatapur S.Sandhyarani Ward member 9989630942
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