Tiryani Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Tiryani Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List 2014 Adilabad District in Telangana State 
Village Name Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
Ward member
Mobile no's
Devaiguda TEKAM MARUBAI Sarpanch 8106385909
Devaiguda DURGAM RAMBAI Upa-Sarpanch 9573494834
Devaiguda ATHRAM SHEKAR Ward member 7032269852
Devaiguda CHINTHAKARI AYYU Ward member 8179876709
Devaiguda MADAVI LAXMI BAI Ward member 8106385909
Devaiguda MARSKOLA JANGUBAI Ward member 9652264064
Devaiguda MESRAM LAXMIBAI Ward member 9550473018
Devaiguda PARCHAKI JANGUBAI Ward member 8106385909
Devaiguda TEKAM BHEEMBAI Ward member 8106385909
Devaiguda TEKAM RAMBAI Ward member 9573494834
Gambhiraopet Manabhuthula Bheemaiah Sarpanch 8374641826
Gambhiraopet Madavii Ramakrishna Upa-Sarpanch 8374115167
Gambhiraopet Adha Bheemakka Ward member 8374641826
Gambhiraopet Dhogama Shoba Rani Ward member 9652652193
Gambhiraopet Gudam Heyma Ward member 9652652193
Gambhiraopet Jade Bheeraiah Ward member 9849710161
Gambhiraopet Korvi Narsamma Ward member 8374115167
Gambhiraopet Madavi Ramakrishna Ward member 8374115167
Gambhiraopet Madavi Vijaya Laxmi Ward member 9652652193
Gambhiraopet Manga Vasantha Ward member 8374641826
Gambhiraopet Muthyam Bhuchaiah Ward member 7893360976
Gambhiraopet sillumala Madhaiah Ward member 9573665281
Ginnedari A. Nethibai Sarpanch 7674966757
Ginnedari A. Telangrao Upa-Sarpanch 8106260486
Ginnedari A. Laxmibai Ward member 8106260486
Ginnedari Ch. Puthlibai Ward member 8978318455
Ginnedari K. Kamalabai Ward member 7032695839
Ginnedari M. Jangu Ward member 8106260486
Ginnedari M. Jangu Ward member 7032695839
Ginnedari M. Sombai Ward member 8106260486
Ginnedari S. Bhagya Ward member 9701626931
Ginnedari S. Prabhakar Ward member 8106260486
Ginnedari S. Praveenkumar Ward member 9963385345
Godelpalle Athram Laxman Sarpanch 8331958512
Godelpalle Durva Maruthi Upa-Sarpanch 8331958512
Godelpalle Athram Sujatha Ward member 8331958512
Godelpalle Govindhula Venkatesh Ward member 8106018043
Godelpalle Kodapa Bojjurao Ward member 8331958512
Godelpalle kudmetha pathu bai Ward member 7893525293
Godelpalle Mesram Kntharao Ward member 8331958512
Godelpalle RS Laxmi Ward member 8331958512
Godelpalle soyam jamuna Ward member 9701917001
Godelpalle Tekam Srinivas Ward member 8331958512
Godelpalle Thippani padhma Ward member 9441020124
Kannepalle Dusa MAdhukar Sarpanch 9492128192
Kannepalle Kameri Shankar Upa-Sarpanch 8179986244
Kannepalle A.Hanmantharao Ward member 9886640953
Kannepalle A.Rajakka Ward member 8179986244
Kannepalle Bijulubai Ward member 8179986244
Kannepalle B.Laxmi Ward member 9492128192
Kannepalle G.Sagar Ward member 9492968182
Kannepalle T.Jangubai Ward member 9441865706
Kannepalle T.Kishan Ward member 9886640953
Kannepalle Vedma Srinivas Ward member 9573745569
Loddiguda PAVAR SULOCHANA Sarpanch 9441511350
Loddiguda UYAKA KAVITHA Upa-Sarpanch 8332838769
Loddiguda ADA PUSPHALATHA Ward member 9492624982
Loddiguda ATHRAM SOMBAI Ward member 9490307715
Loddiguda GEDAM JANGUBAI Ward member 9490307715
Loddiguda GUGULOTHU BALARAM Ward member 9490307715
Loddiguda KUDMETHA JANGUBAI Ward member 9490307715
Loddiguda PAWAR JAIVANTHRAO Ward member 9441990566
Loddiguda PURKA AMRUTHABAI Ward member 9490307715
Loddiguda THODASAM KAMALABAI Ward member 9492694955
Loddiguda UYAKA ANAVANTHUBAI Ward member 9490307715
Mangi Thumram Dinkarsha Sarpanch 8985257203
Mangi Kannaka Manku Upa-Sarpanch 8985257203
Mangi Athram Bojjubai Ward member 8985257203
Mangi Athram jangu Ward member 9550628216
Mangi Kova Padma Ward member 8374239870
Mangi Kudimetha Mangubai Ward member 9550628216
Mangi Raisidam Janjaram Ward member 9618695064
Mangi Sidam Devbai Ward member 8985257203
Mangi Tekam Telangaram Ward member 9550628216
Mangi Thumram Pathubai Ward member 9550628216
Mangi Uyka Govind Ward member 8985257203
Manikyapur Venna Kamala Sarpanch 8106088148
Manikyapur Kumuram Balakishan Upa-Sarpanch 8106348421
Manikyapur Ada Arjun Ward member 8106088148
Manikyapur Ada Laxmibai Ward member 8106088148
Manikyapur Atram Mothubai Ward member 8106088148
Manikyapur Banna Sunitha Ward member 8106088148
Manikyapur Madavi Dinakar Ward member 9192413674
Manikyapur Madavi Vanisri Ward member 8106088148
Manikyapur Madavi Venkatesh Ward member 8106088148
Manikyapur Tekam Bharathi Ward member 8106088148
Pangidi Madra Thumram Gopal Sarpanch 8179866214
Pangidi Madra Kova Dawanth Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9989791943
Pangidi Madra Athram Jangubai Ward member 8179866214
Pangidi Madra Chikram Sugandabai Ward member 8179866214
Pangidi Madra Kanaka Anandabai Ward member 8179866214
Pangidi Madra Kova Thanu Ward member 8179866214
Pangidi Madra Kudmetha Radhabai Ward member 8897200109
Pangidi Madra Mesram Lachubai Ward member 8179866214
Pangidi Madra Mesram Yamunabai Ward member 8897200109
Pangidi Madra Parchaki Bhujangarao Ward member 9441410994
Pangidi Madra Pendor Keshwarao Ward member 9490307715
Rompalle Kursinga Devusha Sarpanch 9676233265
Rompalle Ada RamJI Upa-Sarpanch 9490968204
Rompalle Ada Sonerao Ward member 9676233265
Rompalle Athram Gangubai Ward member 9618860842
Rompalle Meshram Ambhubai Ward member 9963275358
Rompalle Pendore Puthlibai Ward member 8008854517
Rompalle Pendram Laxmi Ward member 8897657309
Rompalle Sidam Chandrakala Ward member 9550481706
Rompalle Sidameki Mamatha Ward member 7702969138
Sungapur Pendur Jangu Bai Sarpanch 8978895965
Sungapur Savai Vijaya Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9618923668
Sungapur Athram Godu Bai Ward member 9441990566
Sungapur Gaddi Bhulaxmi Ward member 9441990566
Sungapur Gaddi Pushpa Ward member 9494029473
Sungapur Kanaka Jangu Bai Ward member 8985310095
Sungapur Korvetha Mothiram Ward member 9441990566
Sungapur Madavi Ramarao Ward member 7702976723
Sungapur Marsakola Sarada Ward member 9441990566
Sungapur Munjam Kavitha Ward member 9441990566
Sungapur Naitham Srinivas Ward member 9441990566
Tiryani Athram Ratnu bai Sarpanch 8374794719
Tiryani Ankathi Nandini Upa-Sarpanch 9490822201
Tiryani Budde Thara Ward member 9177553718
Tiryani Chiluka Laxmi Ward member 9490918521
Tiryani Gajula Laxmi Ward member 9492128369
Tiryani Gundam Shankar Ward member 9492136297
Tiryani Gunnala Sathaiah Ward member 7893264996
Tiryani Kotnaka Thirupathi Ward member 8500148947
Tiryani Manga Chandraiah Ward member 9701903937
Tiryani Manga Swarnalatha Ward member 8008378269
Tiryani Marneni Sattamma Ward member 9490196045
Tiryani Thatla Jagadhish Ward member 9177209250
Tiryani Vedma Bhadu Bai Ward member 8179755110
Ullipitadorli KOVA PARWATHI Sarpanch 7702788237
Ullipitadorli MEESALA BAYAKKA Upa-Sarpanch 8978401134
Ullipitadorli ADA BOJJI RAO Ward member 7893354982
Ullipitadorli AGGILA KALAWATHI Ward member 8978401134
Ullipitadorli AGGILA SARITHA Ward member 7702942889
Ullipitadorli ATHRAM GUMMAIAH Ward member 7702788237
Ullipitadorli ATHRAM POCHUBAI Ward member 7702788237
Ullipitadorli CHINTAPURI MADUNAKKA Ward member 8978401134
Ullipitadorli MAILARAPU SUSHEELA Ward member 8978401134
Ullipitadorli PEDDALA MALLESH Ward member 8978401134
Ullipitadorli SUNKE ARUNA Ward member 8978401134
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