Manchal Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana

Manchal Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana State 2014


Mandal Village Name Ward member Caste Mobile no’s
Manchal Nomula Gaddameedi Srinivas Ward member BC 9010310296
Manchal Nomula Pallati Sabitha Ward member SC 9848032635
Manchal Nomula Pallati Shashirekha Ward member SC 9912993365
Manchal Nomula Ganta Vijay Kumar Ward member BC 9912331488
Manchal Nomula Ganta Maheshwari Ward member BC 9951035158
Manchal Nomula Kasaramoni Jangaiah Ward member BC 9949222125
Manchal Nomula Pallati Balraj Ward member SC 9948904085
Manchal Nomula Bitla Harikrishna Ward member SC 9704270408
Manchal Nomula Chinthakindi Laxmi Ward member BC 9440962306
Manchal Lingampally Bhuggu Ilaiah Ward member BC 9705454641
Manchal Lingampally Mailaram Sugunamma Ward member BC 9948189579
Manchal Lingampally Panthangi Shanthamma Ward member SC 9640508664
Manchal Lingampally Maddela Sathamma Ward member ST 9395390883
Manchal Lingampally Gadamidi Pentamma Ward member BC 9957834082
Manchal Lingampally Bhura Bagyalaxmi Ward member BC 9912492290
Manchal Lingampally Madhari Venkatamma Ward member SC 9666459614
Manchal Lingampally Badhula Kumar Ward member BC 9912163625
Manchal Lingampally Nandigoni padmareddy Ward member OC 9912154386
Manchal Thallapalliguda Oruganti Rudramma Ward member BC 9666096003
Manchal Thallapalliguda Polamoni Narsimha Ward member BC 9948555015
Manchal Thallapalliguda A. Muthyam Reddy Ward member OC 9949050250
Manchal Thallapalliguda Yashamoni Jyothi Ward member BC 9949502141
Manchal Thallapalliguda P. Sukanya Ward member OC 8008415503
Manchal Thallapalliguda Erpula Veera Swamy Ward member SC 8978605078
Manchal Thallapalliguda Erpula Savithri Ward member SC 9951378874
Manchal Thallapalliguda Rangolu Venkatesh Ward member BC 9951899717
Manchal Thallapalliguda Boini Manjula Ward member BC 9949502141
Manchal Tippaiguda Sangala Srishailam Ward member BC 7731914040
Manchal Tippaiguda Marapaka Buchamma Ward member BC 9000909117
Manchal Tippaiguda Kondoju Vajramma Ward member BC 9989647340
Manchal Tippaiguda Avula Rajamma Ward member SC 9000909117
Manchal Tippaiguda Vatti Mallesh Ward member BC 9705627852
Manchal Tippaiguda Chivirala Pandu Ward member SC 8096072354
Manchal Tippaiguda Gorrenkala Mangamma Ward member BC 9553563072
Manchal Chittapur N. Krishna Ward member BC 9573326431
Manchal Chittapur G. Yashoda Ward member BC 9908635895
Manchal Chittapur D. Alivelu Ward member BC 9959015038
Manchal Chittapur R. Krishna Ward member BC 9010755806
Manchal Chittapur J. Maheshwari Ward member BC 9010069379
Manchal Chittapur N. Srinivas Ward member BC 9959560043
Manchal Chittapur R. Mallesh Ward member BC 9550237001
Manchal Manchal A.Santhosha Ward member BC 9912146785
Manchal Manchal E.Yadaiah Ward member SC 9959566961
Manchal Manchal B.Anuradha Ward member OC 9052899876
Manchal Manchal A.VenkatReddy Ward member OC 9701194247
Manchal Manchal K.Mysamma Ward member BC 8897117068
Manchal Manchal G.Rupa Ward member BC 9963691545
Manchal Manchal E.Jyothi Ward member SC 9652236094
Manchal Manchal M.Srisailam Ward member BC 9666121569
Manchal Manchal E.Ramulu Ward member SC 9912447511
Manchal Manchal P.Laxmamma Ward member ST 9676768678
Manchal Manchal G.Buchaiah Ward member SC 9912757582
Manchal Agapally M. Mallesh Ward member BC 9908608135
Manchal Agapally P. Roopa Ward member SC 9000167251
Manchal Agapally P. Ravi Ward member BC 9989315119
Manchal Agapally Md. Osman Ward member MINORITY 9676363488
Manchal Agapally J. Dhanunjaya Ward member SC 9963569651
Manchal Agapally B. Mayuri Ward member BC 9949721186
Manchal Agapally B. Vijay Kumar Ward member SC 9951028143
Manchal Agapally D. Yadamma Ward member SC 9949721186
Manchal Agapally D. Andalu Ward member BC 9000166275
Manchal Japal Y.Padma Ward member BC 9573610251
Manchal Japal M.Jangaiah Ward member BC 9701054626
Manchal Japal B.Manemma Ward member BC 9550006560
Manchal Japal O.Laxminarsamma Ward member BC 9394428634
Manchal Japal M.Yadamma Ward member BC 9963122547
Manchal Japal B.Niraja Ward member BC 9966475881
Manchal Japal M.Venkatesh Ward member BC 9701201267
Manchal Japal K.Shivaram Reddy Ward member OC 9000167116
Manchal Japal K.Srinivas Ward member SC 8106758840
Manchal Japal Y.Jangaiah Ward member BC 9912118227
Manchal Japal J.Jayamma Ward member SC 9849505675
Manchal Rangapur O Manjula Ward member BC 9908062800
Manchal Rangapur K Kiran Ward member ST 9573022134
Manchal Rangapur G Poshamma Ward member SC 9908062800
Manchal Rangapur K Devamma Ward member ST 7893876239
Manchal Rangapur D Ajaybas Ward member BC 9618876646
Manchal Rangapur D Prashanthi Ward member BC 9908062800
Manchal Rangapur Ch Jangaiah Ward member BC 9618813306
Manchal Cheeded A Ponnamma Ward member SC 9676548640
Manchal Cheeded S Padma Ward member BC 7799557400
Manchal Cheeded E Shekar Reddy Ward member OC 9652175429
Manchal Cheeded S Laxmaiah Ward member BC 9177233544
Manchal Cheeded G Krishnaiah Ward member BC 9000748546
Manchal Cheeded D Balamma Ward member BC 8374973024
Manchal Cheeded B lavanya Ward member BC 8374520108
Manchal Dadpally N. PADMA Ward member ST 9908972268
Manchal Dadpally M. LAXMAMMA Ward member BC 9573628212
Manchal Dadpally P. LAXMAIAH Ward member BC 9573511480
Manchal Dadpally P. BALAMMA Ward member BC 9573628212
Manchal Dadpally J. SHAKRU Ward member ST 9573511480
Manchal Dadpally S. KAMALAMMA Ward member ST 9573511480
Manchal Dadpally N. RAVI Ward member ST 9959227033
Manchal Bodakonda Korra Jawaharlal Ward member ST 9704696779
Manchal Bodakonda Amboth Chandru Ward member ST 9177119584
Manchal Bodakonda Korra Lachimi Ward member ST 9000989214
Manchal Bodakonda Korra Kamili Ward member ST 9000118102
Manchal Bodakonda Katroth Suguna Ward member ST 9618298591
Manchal Bodakonda Korra Seetharam Ward member ST 9912410983
Manchal Bodakonda Jatoth Shanker Ward member ST 9573022192
Manchal Bodakonda Oruganti Jangamma Ward member BC 9701054687
Manchal Bodakonda Korra Parenga Ward member ST 9502133298
Manchal Bodakonda Jatoth Anjamma Ward member ST 9618250080
Manchal Bodakonda Jatoth Manga Ward member ST 9704532895
Manchal Yellamma Thanda S.Kishan Ward member ST 9618717898
Manchal Yellamma Thanda S.Racki Ward member ST 9177811741
Manchal Yellamma Thanda S.Anilkumar Ward member ST 9177839720
Manchal Yellamma Thanda S.Bicha Ward member ST 9000779457
Manchal Yellamma Thanda S.Sridevi Ward member ST 9573870720
Manchal Yellamma Thanda S.Lachiram Ward member ST 9513324953
Manchal Yellamma Thanda S.Sushila Ward member ST 9490333728
Manchal Yellamma Thanda K.Dasru Ward member ST 9676016942
Manchal Yellamma Thanda S.Mangamma Ward member ST 9963881248
Manchal Arutla Doddagari Gopamma Ward member BC 8008478524
Manchal Arutla Manku vinod kumar Ward member SC 9948705740
Manchal Arutla Pandala Jangaiah Ward member BC 9989714046
Manchal Arutla Kasula Pandu Ward member BC 9912492298
Manchal Arutla Sathiri Laxmamma Ward member SC 9701590581
Manchal Arutla Mara Mallesh Ward member BC 9848282473
Manchal Arutla Manupati Bhagyamma Ward member ST 9951378932
Manchal Arutla M. Buggaramulu Ward member ST 9951021238
Manchal Arutla Chindam Mallesh Ward member BC 9533355735
Manchal Arutla Uppari Radhamma Ward member BC 9666936913
Manchal Arutla Jarpula Padma Ward member ST 7732001338
Manchal Arutla Danu Gopal reddy Ward member OC 9505409832
Manchal Arutla Sunkari Sugunamma Ward member BC 9908380496
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Jenige Vinitha Ward member BC 9010427543
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Pidugu Jangaiah Ward member BC 9948938583
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Jenige Pullaiah Ward member BC 9441228692
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Jonnalagadda Kamili Ward member ST 9441228692
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Rathnavath Kousalya Ward member ST 9441228692
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Amboth Rangamma Ward member ST 9441228692
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Cheemala Madhavi Ward member BC 9948754151
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Ramavath Laxmi Ward member ST 9912331490
Manchal Chennareddy Guda Gyara Jangaiah Ward member SC 9966884731
Manchal Bandalemoor Sapavat Achalu Ward member ST 9505448848
Manchal Bandalemoor Ramavath Mangamma Ward member ST 8096638380
Manchal Bandalemoor Beenamoni Raju Ward member BC 9866239247
Manchal Bandalemoor Vatti Radhika Ward member BC 9951124293
Manchal Bandalemoor Pathulothu Jakka Ward member ST 9553598505
Manchal Bandalemoor Akarapu Krishna Ward member SC 9985201800
Manchal Bandalemoor K. Muniraj Ward member ST 9010195261
Manchal Bandalemoor Japala Sudarshan Ward member BC 9951469313
Manchal Bandalemoor Bathula Laxmamma Ward member BC 9010195261
Manchal Loyapally KORRA VASANTHA Ward member ST 9640688171
Manchal Loyapally REDDYWANI YADAMMA Ward member BC 9573142868
Manchal Loyapally UDUGULA LAXMAMMA Ward member BC 9676896915
Manchal Loyapally KORRA RAVINDER Ward member ST 9502399490
Manchal Loyapally KORRA MOTHIRAM Ward member ST 9704876335
Manchal Loyapally NARSING MUTHAMMA Ward member BC 9989636005
Manchal Loyapally BORIGA GANESH Ward member BC 9640382213
Manchal Loyapally MEGHAVATH SEVYANAYAK Ward member ST 9989819012
Manchal Loyapally CHERUKU SURESH Ward member BC 9000192584
Manchal Loyapally KORRA VIJAYA LAXMI Ward member ST 9618210210
Manchal Loyapally UYALA JANGAIAH Ward member BC 9949581150
Manchal Loyapally KATROTH SARITHA Ward member ST 9866643602
Manchal Loyapally MADARAM JYOTHI Ward member BC 9676086554
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